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Binaural Sound Healing and Meditation
w. Louise Chapelle

Sound Meditation Healing
w. Andrea Courey

Sound Healing

Binaural Sound Healing and Meditation Guided By Louise Lachapelle
Prepare to immerse yourself in deep relaxation and a blissful healing sound bath!
The phenomena of binaural beats and brainwave entrainment can induce the same mental state associated with traditional meditation practice, but quickly. We think thoughts to the tune of 50,000 per day and up to 70% of those are believed to be negative. Negative thoughts cause chronic stress which, in many real ways, changes the function and structure of your brain. Every thought you have changes neural pathways and the output of brain chemicals, creating a cascade of effects on health and emotional well-being. The best way by far to limit negative thoughts and reduce stress is with meditation. Louise begins the session with a guided meditation to fully relax your body. A special silent intention is also part of the process by everyone in the room. At the beginning of the Sound Bath, Louise uses different musical instruments and tones to further enhance the relaxation. Then the use of two pure crystal bowls, each tuned to 10 hrtz difference, will help you fall in meditation effortlessly.
Then a combination of three crystal bowls will put you in a complete state of relaxation. The session ends with a 528 hrtz music frequency overlapped with a beautiful Om sound, sung on an enhancing instrument.
Please bring your yoga mats and blankets. This session is done lying on the floor for complete relaxation.

Sound Meditation Healing Guided By Andrea Courey
Sound meditation is a healing experience that incorporates crystal bowls, rattles, chimes and Tibetan bowls with recorded high vibrational music and live guidance to bring you an elevated vibratory experience. The basic premise behind sound healing, practiced since ancient times, is that everything is in a state of vibration. By being exposed to a high vibration experience, you can raise your personal vibration, deepen your meditation practice and increase your well-being. Some of the benefits of sound meditation include reduced muscle tension and anxiety,increased intuition, improved mental clarity and well-being.

The session lasts about 60 minutes and can be enjoyed sitting or lying down. Please bring a shawl. A blindfold can be used to deepen the sensory experience if you wish.

15$ drop in or you can use your membership.


MJ Ganesh


Experience a dynamic meditation with live music and mantras. Participants are guided to chant short Sanskrit phrases that have been used as sacred mantras from the yoga tradition. They contain a vibrational dimension that make meditation more enjoyable and powerful. The session is facilitated by MJ Ganesh who brings a modern sound that combines popular songs easy to sing along to and makes the practice of chanting more accessible to all.

15$ drop in or you can use your membership.