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Nik Frost


KUDOKI Kung Fu - Yang


Kudoki’s contemporary style (Ku-Jutsu) class focuses on the practice of realistic self defense techniques (street, weapon, grappling) as well as Kudoki’s ABC techniques (striking, throwing, ground-fighting). Emphasis is given to endurance exercises such as situational dilemmas and ABC combat in order to enhance our awareness and safety to real life threatening situations.

KUDOKI Kung Fu - Yin


A traditional forms (kata / kuens) class focuses on Kudoki’s traditional styles of Kung Fu: Sil Lum Hung Gar.

Northern Sil Lum (Shaolin in Mandarin dialect) literally means young forest. The Sil Lum movements are characterized by long-range attacks, fluid hand movements and beautiful jumping kicks.

Southern Hung Gar literally means Hung’s style. This is to honor the founder Hung Hee Gung’s family name. The Hung Gar movements are characterized by direct short-range attacks, low stances, low kicks and a lot of internal breathing exercises. In the traditional forms one will learn, among others the five animal forms consisting of the Tiger, Crane, Snake, Leopard, and Dragon.

Kata provides the practitioner with a sense of history, philosophy and discipline that our sifu and their masters have undergone. Through traditional training and hard practice, one will develop strength, technique, coordination, focus, and above all visualization.