META 1111

Meta 1111 is a magical place where you can find variety of tools to reconnect with yourself, re-discover and fine-tune your body, mind and spirit. Our studio stimulates learning and the application of conscious healthy habits through yoga, fitness, nutrition and therapy. We offer variety of learning tools through: Yoga, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Meditation, Laughter Yoga, Improv, Music, Therapy and other conscious practices.

Meta 1111 is a community of people on the journey of self realization guided by compassionate people with years of experience and training. Our highly qualified team comes from variety of backgrounds and traditions. Our instructors posses plethora of skills that enables them to address many of your physical and spiritual needs. At Meta 1111 we intentionally choose to keep class sizes small and intimate. This allows to apply careful and individualized instruction to encourage safe and mindful environment.

Meta 1111 is a philosophy of sharing knowledge and tools of self-improvement and empowerment. Our unique holistic approach is tailored to the emotional and physical requirements of each individual. Acquired tools and habits extend above and beyond the time spent on location. Learned concepts permeate the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the participants’ existence resulting in a conscious approach to oneself, community and life as a whole.

At Meta 1111 we are extremely grateful to our community and friends who are very supportive and patient as we continually seek to improve our schedule, events, and our interaction with the community and world. Our doors and hearts are always open to share, receive and to enjoy life.